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After the past 10 years, on the base of the former Inner Mongolia XL Abrasives Processing Co., Ltd which is a mining and milling of garnet sand company , for manufacture industrial garnet abrasives (XL Garnet) for water jet cutting, sandblasting, polishing and grinding, etc. now for furthter expand our international business, we establish XL Trading Co., Ltd of Huhhot for futher develope our international business further.XL Trading Co., Ltd of Huhhot is located at the capital city of Inner Mongolia 
Autonomous Region - Huhhot in North of China. The XL Garnet is a kind of Hard Rock garnet, belongs to Almandine type of garnet. It's Modulus hardness is 7.0-7.96 and purity of garnet is 97% min. The available size range is from Mesh to 200 Mesh. The XL Garnet is very suitable for Sandblasting, Water jet cutting , Water filtration , Concrete floor finishing products, Textile blasting, Glass & Tube blasting , Anti-slip coating etc usage.


In spite of the above-mentioned products,  for expanding our business, in the new company we expand a new business is as an agency for all people & companies , who want to buy products from China's market to other countries & want to sell products from other countries to China's market . Welcome all people & companies from both domestic & abroad contact with us  for international trade business.















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